Off-Peak Mailer Advertising

I was asked to design a 5X7 mail advertisement that would encourage newly acquired holiday customers to spend in January. Freedom was given in choosing the imagery and well as the design layout of this folded card. I wanted the direction of  the copy to focus on the idea that the act of giving doesn’t require a special occasion. The act of giving is an occasion in of itself.

The assigned copywriter formulated a more playful direction that was successful in prompting a call to action. I created the initial hidden copy on the inside spread to mark the place for layout purposes. The team approved my choice of words. This secondary message was to be hidden from view, until the time the customer removed the gift card. The subtle hint eluded that Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. I adhered to ProFlower’s recently established brand identity and created a production check-list for this mailer which was sent out the second week of January.


Date of Completion

Off-Peak Mailer