Remedii Logotype Logos
Date of Completion

I was asked to revise an existing logo for Remedii, a progressive rock band with a great experimental sound that can be described as froggy punk (proggy or progressive funky pop rock).I created the logotype, as they were happy and wanted to keep the existing hammer and shield graphics.



Original Logo



This was my first round of sketching in which I tried to emulate the conceptual vision of the band.

I suggested the client look at a myriad of fonts that matched the style of their music. The Hombre font was chosen as the best reflection. I began to base my design using the characteristics of that font. Nearly every letter was modified.

Went to a third round of sketching using the letterforms that were modified.
The client asked that the middle letters be rounded out instead of peaking into an angular shape. The final mark below reflects those changes.


Logotype Revised